autumn/winter 2009-2010

Bats, rats, a loaded nine millimeter, love lost, outer space, the hardened earth, high wind—there’s a sense of violence and tenacity in the Autumn/Winter issue of Chaparral. A beautiful tenacity, though—as in the striking photographs of rising talent Amelia Burns and Angela Armitage’s unforgettable prose. The new issue features work by some of Southern California’s most interesting voices—work that tears and burns and conveys a starkness, a hard-won resilience, a landscape re-imagined and renewed.

Angela ArmitageRats

Angela Armitage

Brendan ConstantineFeather Suit Rag
“Behold, The Servant”
The Man In the Next Bed

Brendan Constantine

The Guy Who Handles Everything

Amelia Burns

Nanette Rayman Riverarose

Nanette Rayman Rivera

Amy Newlove SchroederTo New Idria
The Vandal Bride

Amy Newlove Schroeder

Sarah Maclay23

Sarah Maclay

Sandra HunterGiving Thanks

Sandra Hunter

David HernandezAnimal Control

David Hernandez

PB RippeyReseda Wind
A Laugh

PB Rippey

Jeffrey AlfierPostscript for Madrona Marsh
Open Range

Jeffrey Alfier

Kate BuckleySo Quick Bright Things Come to Confusion

Kate Buckley

Kelan KoningWisdom
This Is the Stuff Family Legends Are Made Of
To the Staining

Kelan Koning

Paul Lobo PortugesSon

Paul Lobo Portuges