autumn/winter 2010-2011

Aptitude tests, a creaking storm, the deep mist, baked goods, insects…there’s something haunting in the new edition of Chaparral. Not that these writings are filled with ghosts or supernatural beings, but rather the speakers are obsessed with a lingering spirit—a memory, moment, or single image. And like most hauntings, these works lead us to where every reader hopes to go: a destination that’s both surprising and yet strangely familiar.

Arielle GreenbergArrow-smith
Outrageous Stars in the Bedroom

Arielle Greenberg

John JohnsonLine of Sight
Her Last Garden

John Johnson

Amber NorwoodCommute Epithalamium

Amber Norwood

Ash AllenDUMB.

Ash Allen

Maureen SeatonCroton-on-Hudson
A Political Tale

Maureen Seaton

A AuchterTo the Woman Who Came in Through the Pet Door
Disaster Play

A Auchter

Hannah GrayBlood Sound
Chaparral Ocean

Hannah Gray

Maureen AlsopPhyllorhodomancy
A Blurred Photograph Of The Sunlight That Murdered Your Father’s Hiddenness, Or How Light Takes Leave Of The Body

Maureen Alsop