spring 2010

The poems in the new issue of Chaparral celebrate the simple fact of spring. Life continues to regenerate. There’s no sentimentality in this fact—the poems here merely catalog the details: a creeping showy evening primrose, a newborn’s lips seeking milk, a lost mother re-imagined as an angel “rising above Crenshaw.” And it’s the art of these arrangements that offers a renewed vision, as surprising and as fundamental as the first spring blooms.

Candace PearsonClosing Time
Furnace of July
First Book Interview

Candace Pearson

Karen KevorkianMountain View
I Was Not Listening
Woman Talking Over a Child’s Head
Large Impersonal Forces

Karen Kevorkian

Donnelle McGeeDear Muh,
Van Gogh Scares the Shit Out of Me

Donnelle McGee

Ramon GarciaSodom and Gomorrah
Whitman in the Suburbs

Ramon Garcia

Elena Karina ByrneLewis Carroll In Alice: Lost During War
Unexpected, Italo Calvino

Elena Karina Byrne

Amy UyematsuThe Belly’s Eye
at 16 months
— “In this shop I want to buy a pair of hands”

Amy Uyematsu

Graham FultonObject
Changing Room

Graham Fulton

Anne YaleShowy Evening Primrose (Oenothera speciosa)
Non-native Species

Anne Yale

Florence WeinbergerWhat?
A Turner For Our Time

Florence Weinberger

Desiree MoralesCusp

Desiree Morales

Shannon EddyThe Capitulates

Shannon Eddy