summer 2013

The new Summer edition features a handpicked lineup selected by Chaparral’s new Assistant Editors: Freddy Garcia and Itiola Stephanie Jones. We’re also thrilled to showcase brand new interviews with LA poets Amy Gerstler and Lynne Thompson, as well as stunning new poems by Santa Fe’s Jenny George and Albuquerque’s Kathryne Lim. It’s a jam packed issue of fabulous summer reading, and we hope you enjoy it!

Amy Gerstler and Freddy GarciaInterview with Amy Gerstler

Amy Gerstler and Freddy Garcia

Emilio SoteloGardner
The Show
Being for the Benefit of Others

Emilio Sotelo

Jenny GeorgeOn the Soul of the Pig

Jenny George

Kathryne LimOn Light and Craft

Kathryne Lim

Alessandra CastellanosMy Poem to You as Love Letter # 2

Alessandra Castellanos

Lynne Thompson and Candace PearsonInterview with Lynne Thompson

Lynne Thompson and Candace Pearson

Erica Y. HayesMermaid Variation
Entering the flesh again

Erica Y. Hayes

Jaclyn HymesMother-Daughter Rhetoric

Jaclyn Hymes

Michael Dwayne SmithElegy in a California Dreamscape

Michael Dwayne Smith

Perie LongoSecurity Check

Perie Longo

Juan AlvaradoSounds

Juan Alvarado

David MorckMy Father Returns

David Morck

Lusine MakarosyanWords Stolen from Broken Tongues
To My First

Lusine Makarosyan

Alissa BinderTraffic
West Coast Glow

Alissa Binder

Gina AlexandraPrometheus

Gina Alexandra

Arthur KayzakianCleaning Up the Future
The Perception of the Stairway

Arthur Kayzakian

Sarah ThursdayEarth Colored Hair

Sarah Thursday