summer 2014

Welcome to the long awaited edition of Chaparral–featuring an interview with Douglas Kearney and new work from talented newcomers, such as Nikolai Garcia and Trista Payte. Whether it’s Antoinette Vawter’s haunting pantoum or Florence Weinberger’s, “The Dream Inside Out,” in which Wanda Coleman makes an appearance–each poem is an inquiry, an investigation, a language, and a world.

Douglas Kearney and Itiola Stephanie JonesInterview with Douglas Kearney

Douglas Kearney and Itiola Stephanie Jones

Trista PayteMuscle Memory
Ground Keeping
The Beautiful House

Trista Payte

Antoinette VawterThe Navajo Route to the Reincarnated

Antoinette Vawter

Nikolai GarciaUnlearn the Constellations
Confessional Poem #1
While Sitting On the Tijuana Border

Nikolai Garcia

Anna AustinWhatever Happened to New York?
Olly olly oxen free

Anna Austin

Eric BarnhartI Write, the Monkey Writes
Dear Rachel Z.,

Eric Barnhart

John McKernan 2014Walking Accross a Cemetery

John McKernan 2014

Mia SaraOn The Rocks

Mia Sara

Florence Weinberger 2014A Vessel Made to Hold Nothing
The Dream Inside Out

Florence Weinberger 2014

Cyrus SepahbodiWe are dying tomorrow
And in those haunches I’ll build a cavern

Cyrus Sepahbodi

Emilio AguileraSeparation
Mammoth Sunflower

Emilio Aguilera

Roselyn PerezThe Fall

Roselyn Perez

Nancy L. WooNew Mexico Sea

Nancy L. Woo

Peter WaldorManifesto

Peter Waldor

Richard LuftigNear Cape Cod

Richard Luftig

Robert RothmanPruning

Robert Rothman

Tania PryputniewiczPeer Counselor

Tania Pryputniewicz